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The scope of the urban scale intervention centers around Hebron 2 (H2) the Israeli controlled section of the city. This decision was made after a careful study aimed to represent the spacial impact of urbicide in the Hebron. Urbicide was defined a combination of the following:


1. Spatial Disintegration

2. Acts of Violence

3. Architecture of Surveillance

4. Sites of Occupation


The Process: Mapping Urbicide 

By mapping the sites where these instances have occurred within the urban context, a diagrammatic language equating density to tension was formed. From the points of most tension, three adjacent vacant lots were selected to house the ‘engineered paradises.’ These three sites house the programs of the Engineered Paradise architectural interventions (catharsis, encounter, rest). To provide equal access to both the Palestinian and Israeli user groups to theses buildings, the elevated walkway was introduced. The walkway overlooks the sites of urbicide previously identified. By removing itself from the ground conditions and allowing uninterrupted access to the architectural interventions the walkway becomes not only an important infrastructural element for the city but also a monument - taking the user through a narrative delineating the destruction of his city. 

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