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For the past five years Zarith's work has centered on the intersection of space, advocacy and justice. Since 2013, Zarith has studied the impact of conflict on the built environment. This work has taken her to Bosnia, Croatia, Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Colombia and throughout the U.S where she has investigated urbicide, spatial justice and resource scarcity. Her work centers on the theory of applied empathy as means to rediscover a shared humanity - an awakening that is crucial in preventing conflict. The body of work depicted in this anthology is simply an exploration of humanity through design.

Zarith attended the Ecole Speciale d'Archicture in Paris as well as Tulane University in New Orleans receiving an M.Arch and B.A. in French in Francophone Studies. M.S. in Architecture and Urban Design from the Graduate School of Planning and Preservation at Columbia University.

Currently Adjunct Associate at Columbia GSAPP and Architectural and Urban Designer at WXY.




Lucille Smyser Lowenfish Memorial Award

Columbia GSAPP, 2017, New York


American Institute of Architects National Minority Scholar
press release:


Moise H. & Lois g. Goldstein Travel Fellowship
Lessons in Urbicide: From Sarajevo to Jerusalem

Lecture Presented: October 13, 2014, New Orleans


Tulane Architect’s Week Charette, Competition Winner
Winning Design Project Leader for the DoNut




Engineered Paradises, ArchDaily, 2015


Engineered Paradises, Ogden Museum of Art 

Exhibition, New Orleans, LA, 2015

Santa Lucia, Extrapolations Métropolitaines, Atelier Reza Azard , 2016


Santa Lucia, Extrapolations Métropolitaines, Atelier Reza Azard

Exposition at École Spéciale d'Architecture, 2015


Santa Lucia, Extrapolations Métropolitaines, Atelier Reza Azard

Exposition at the Arsenale, La Biennale de Venezia, 2014


Santa Lucia, Extrapolations Métropolitaines, Le Cabon 

Publication and Exhibition, Paris, France, 2015


Santa Lucia Exhibition

Tulane School of Architecture, Selected Student Project for University Display, New Orleans, LA, 2015






LEED Green Associate


NCARB IDP candidate



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