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The “DoNut’s” design came from the desire to create a singular, didactic form that would capture the spirit of the competition prompt while adding the idea of collective idea sharing. Mobility was the driving design parameter behind the form, which is easily identifiable to non designers. Everyone knows what a wheel looks like and that it rolls. The circular form when horizontal invites an equitable discourse and provides the stage for a reinterpretation of soapbox expression.


First Place, Tulane School of Architecture, Architect's Week Charette

Project Leaders: Zarith Pineda + Casey Bemis.


Project Team: John Nelson Rhiana Bennet Guan Huang Beau Braddock Daniel Omuro Christine Foley Matthew Ngo Zoe Grosshandler Curtiss Lynman Heather Tishler Christian Ardenaux Andrew Balfe Mathew Pugh Horatior Ramirez Elizabeth Creim Madeline Marak Molly Knobloch



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